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Metropolis was established in Cape Town in 1992.

We are a design driven practice, known for conceptually sound, highly researched and thoroughly detailed architecture. We are client-centred in our approach to design. Our process requires detailed investigation of our clients’ requirements and close collaboration with them. Through this process, we aim to achieve an architecture rooted in the individual experience of our clients and expressed in the language of contemporary architecture.

Our inspiration comes from the natural landscape and the urban culture of contemporary South Africa. We believe in transforming space into place, and in environments that are simple, humane and that delight the body and the spirit. There is a strong focus on sustainability in our work. Aside from energy concerns, we believe that sustainability entails design that is robust, has longevity and is deeply suited to the lifestyle of its users.

The practice carries out a broad range of architectural work in the residential, commercial and retail sectors. Our work has been widely recognised and has been published locally and internationally. We have been awarded the South African Institute of Architects’ Award of Excellence, on a number of occasions and have received numerous other awards for architecture, interior design and sustainability. Jon Jacobson delivered the 31st Sophia Gray Memorial Lecture in Architecture in 2019. This prestigious lecture, awarded for a significant contribution to South African architecture was accompanied by a retrospective exhibition, which was further exhibited in Cape Town in 2021.

 Jon Jacobson( B.Arch(Wits),M.Arch (UFS), has been practicing in Cape Town since 1989. He has lectured on his work at various educational institutions and has taught part time at the University of Cape Town. He completed his Masters in Architecture at the University of the Free State in 2019 and is currently completing a practice-based PhD.

 Ross Cooper( B.Arch(UFS),M.Arch (UFS), became a partner in 2022 and has been practicing architecture for 15 years. He completed his Masters in Architecture at the University of the Free State in 2009 and has been with the company since 2011.

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