8 Norwich Drive

Bishopscourt, 2008

A family home is organized around a number of courts which filter different qualities of light and are each strategically located for a particular experience of the striking mountain view.

The formal composition of the house is drawn from the image of a group of tree canopies and tree-houses floating over the ground plane, as an evocation of the well-forested leafy surroundings. The first floor is, as a result, broken up into segments, overhangs the ground floor all round, is expressed entirely in timber and dissolves on the perimeter into light shading devices.

A key aspect of the design was the extensive incorporation of eco design principles within a contemporary South African design idiom. The passive energy design includes orientation, overhangs and horizontal and vertical shading devices, which respond to winter and summer sun angles. The house is equipped with alternative energy technology, including solar space and water heating. Photovoltaic panels supply a portion of the house’s electrical needs, double glazing and double insulation of floor slabs and roofs are provided throughout, as well as a rain-water recycling plant.


Digest of South African Architecture; 2009, Vol 14, pg 158-159; Picasso Headline, Cape Town


CIA award for architecture 2009
Afrisam – SAIA Award for Sustainable Architecture – Commendation 2010



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