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Light Reframing Space

The Midden Pavilion| Constantia | 2012
A film by Sergei Saraiva (6 : 20)


Light Reframing Space

After spending two full days photographing the Midden Pavilion, I have come to understand it as a tool with which one can explore light as an architectural element; reframing the building with the movement of the sun. The beautiful surrounding landscape almost disappears in the shadow of concentrated light interacting with the walls of the space. You are left with nothing but the passing of time, and the Pavilions interpretation of it. Rarely does one feel more actively visually aware of the passing of time in space, facilitated by the movement of the sun; the like dials of a clock. When the sun is almost at its highest in the sky, a sublime natural light breaks into the space, dramatically raking across a textured wall – illuminating, and changing the gestalt of the interior – dramatically inviting midday. The interior of the Midden Pavilion uses subtle gestures of the sun to take on different faces throughout the course of the day. Exterior sculptural qualities aside, for me, the Midden Pavilion acts as a frame through which one experiences the surrounding landscape, and the nuanced dialogue between light and time.

Segei Saraiva


The youtube link to the film:



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