Brommersvlei Road

Constantia, 2015

This house, on a river bank in Constantia, combines simplicity of lifestyle, ease of use, the pleasure of well-crafted natural materials and a directness of experience of its natural surroundings. A single sweep of roof acts a tree canopy and hovers over a stepped ground plane, following the natural contour of the site.

The minimalist and neutral interiors project the inhabitants outwards and the surrounding green wall of trees. The ambiguity between inside and outside.

Ultimately, this is an experiment in architecture subordinated to nature – where relationship supersedes object-ness and the built elements facilitate an immersive and engaged connection between the inhabitants and their surroundings.
Timber, stone and concrete are expressed in a tactile manner to accentuate their materiality and realness.


Arch Daily
Architectural Digest
SA Décor


CIFA – Award for Architecture 2015
SAIA Award of Merit 2016
SAIA Award of Excellence 2016



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