Beau Constantia

New House, Constantia

This sculpted cubic volume on the mountainside, stand in counter-point to the weathered sandstone block at the apex of the mountain and establishes a dialogue with nature, which we believe allows it to belong to the landscape. The off shutter concrete block is punctured to let in the surrounding mountain landscape and sky. There is both a strong sense of enclosure and a powerful feeling of unmediated immersion in landscape.  This is in large measure due to the blurring of inside + outside through the introduction of extensive glazing and variety of courtyards.

The simplicity and minimalism of the interiors, the use of natural materials and tones throughout, continue the theme of living in nature, which was began in the first cycle of houses at Beau Constantia, roughly fifteen years ago. The house is intended to be a timeless response to a raw and powerful landscape.



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