Beau Constantia House 1

Situated on the urban edge of Constantia, this former livestock farm was redeveloped into a small scale wine farm, with a main residence and associated meditation pavilion as well as a guest cottage.

The residence and pavilion are arranged on an elongated platform tucked into a fold in the mountain, entirely isolated from the surrounding urban fabric but connected to expansive views of the landscape all round. The accommodation is organised around a system of outdoor courtyards, simultaneously shaping and being shaped by the building and arranged along an axis of movement linked to elements in the landscape beyond.

The physical and conceptual centre of the house is the double volume kitchen/ dining/ family room, the ‘heart of the house’, around which all the external courtyards and accommodation gravitate. The intention was to depart entirely from an architecture of punctured walls and attached roof, into another type of composition altogether – of floating elements, held together in a unified whole, entirely permeable to its surroundings.


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Sharpcity exhibition at Sao Paulo Biennale, 2005


Fulton Commendation for Excellence in the Use of Concrete – Aesthetic Appeal 2005
Cape Institute of Architects Award of Commendation 2005
South African Institute of Architects Award of Merit 2006
South African Institute of Architects Award for Excellence, 2006



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